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Entrepreneurial Transformation

Accelerating Growth & Impact


Organisations across industries are faced with the challenge of staying relevant in a rapidly evolving world. Yet so many transformation projects fail to hit the mark.

SK+ is here to change that.



What we do

Many consultants hand over strategy decks and wave goodbye. Not us.

We co-pilot your entire transformation journey, from helping to identify pain points and opportunities right through to designing, testing and refining solutions.

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INSPIRATIONAL EXPERIENCES to identify opportunities, unite key stakeholders, and spark change

CO-PILOTING across the transformation journey from the SK+ team and our partner ecosystem

TRANSFORMATION PLATFORMS – tangible assets through which to accelerate sustainable growth and impact




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Transformation Platforms

What is a transformation platform? Well, that really depends on the shape of the challenge at hand.

The fact is, taking a blanket approach to transformational change projects simply won’t work. Every company is unique, and must be treated as such.

Our integrated approach focuses on helping to identify the gaps and opportunities across all areas of a company, and then creating bespoke solutions to connect the dots.




As co-pilots, our role takes whatever shape you need. We can act as top management’s right hand throughout the transformation process, or as a hands-on advisor for your project teams in everything from strategy sparring to programme management and operational support.

Crucially our managing partners play a central role in every one of our projects. Our interest is not in expanding our back office – we scale with you in terms of your growth and impact.


What we believe

To develop a culture of innovation and unlock sustainable growth, individuals across an organisation must be empowered to think, act and feel like entrepreneurs.



“Entrepreneurs do much more than imaginable with much less than seems possible” – Tina Seelig, Stanford University Professor

Entrepreneurial spirit is characterised by innovation, bold decisions and an ‘always in beta’ mindset. It enables organisations to constantly find new ways to sustain, create and maximise value.

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A process of profound change that sets an organisation in a new direction and takes it to a higher level of effectiveness.

Transformation involves a fundamental change of character and little or no resemblance to the past configuration or structure. It is the key to accelerating sustainable growth and impact.



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